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Top 10 Marketing Checklist for Small Businesses

Marketing your small business is difficult. The good news is that there are inexpensive, every day practices you can utilize to help market your business. Below is a list of 10 areas of marketing you can start today.

1. Create a logo and own all the files

Does your business have a logo? The visual recognition that a logo provides is essential to generating awareness of your brand. When perusing the internet, an ad you create, or your social media page, your logo is the first point of visual contact. Have a logo created by a professional (you may find someone on to design one for $5), and have them send you the files in .ai, .eps, .pdf, .jpeg and .png formats. You never know when you may need the files and you always want them in your possession.

2. Advertise

Word-of-mouth is the best and most affordable advertising there is, but if you are a new business in town, it takes time to spread awareness of your company and their offerings. There are many ways to advertise (print, digital, newspaper, church bulletins, Facebook, etc.) and a small investment may help expedite the “word” about your business.

3. Create a social media presence

There are over 2 billion Facebook profiles. Creating a page for your business is easy. Build your page with all your contact information. Ask clients to give you a review if they feel you’ve earned it. Send a thank you to clients and “tag” them on the post. Remember that many people use social media to relax or see what’s new with friends and family. It’s not the place for the “hard sell”, but it can be a good way to interact with clients, inform your audience of sales or discount opportunities.

4. Have business cards on you at all times

You never know when you may run in to a potential customer. Have business cards created and always keep a few in your wallet/purse and in your car. Even further, have a designer develop a small brochure outlining your business offerings that you can hand to prospective clients.

5. Have your contact information everywhere

Whether it’s your business card, informational borchure, website, social media accounts, or even your e-mail signature, make sure people know how to contact you when they need your services. Time is valuable, and nobody wants to spend a few extra minutes searching your website for your contact information. Be sure to include your website, e-mail, and even phone number wherever you list your business information. If it works for your business, let people know they can text you as well.

6. Set up a Yelp! account and other search directories

If you own a business, you should make sure you list your business where people can search for it. Yelp! is a popular website for people looking for advice these days, but you may also consider your local town chamber of commerce directory.

7. Monitor your local discussion forums

Does your town have a listserv or discussion forum where residents ask and give advice? It’s worth checking into as many times people ask for recommendations for all types of professional services. Monitor the forum and you may find an opportunity to promote your business to a local resident.

8. Determine your business’s message

What makes your business stand out from the rest? Is it your superior service? Do you offer solutions at affordable prices? Is your customer service top notch? Figure out what your business does best and make sure that is presented on all your marketing efforts.

9. See what your competitors are doing

Who’s the most successful business in your town? How do they market their business? Do they advertise? If so, what is working for them? Make an effort to reach out to successful local business owners and seek advice. What are other companies who offer similar services doing in your area? Formulate a marketing strategy that combines new ideas with proven successful strategies.

10. Develop content and share it

Share your knowledge with the world...but don’t give it away. Are you a plumber? Post a facebook message with a tip for keeping your pipes safe in the winter. Do you own a landscaping business? Give a tip for keeping your grass in good shape throughout the summer. By giving away minor tips and techniques, you gain the trust of your audience and it may result in a customer in due time.

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